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Our satellite WiFi service is Free

(just don’t try and compare it to what you have at home).

We are delighted to offer a WiFi service for FREE in designated locations onboard. Check your mail, book your next trip, or even connect to your company network while you sail. Although this is a state of the art satellite system, it is worth remembering that it will never be as fast as you might enjoy at home or in the office. Remember we are moving across the sea, with variable atmospheric and weather conditions, all of which will affect the link to a satellite at least 35,000km away. And in addition, you are sharing this service with everyone else onboard too. So, to help ensure that the service is as good as we can deliver it, please be modest in your usage. Access to sites that stream data (e.g.: YouTube, Netflix, online games, Skype etc.) is restricted for the benefit of all.

Club Class






More WiFi access points are available in our Club Class Lounge. Check at the Reception Desk to upgrade.



Surf Dock





We also provide a paid 'surf-box' internet kiosk with dedicated connection for those without their own web device. Look out for the kiosks onboard, or enquire at the Reception Desk.



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