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Luggage-allowance for foot and car passengers

Car Passengers

Passengers travelling by car may bring as much personal luggage as they can fit into their vehicle.


Dublin / Holyhead route

Foot-passengers may only bring small items of personal luggage on board (handbag, laptop, baby changing bag etc). Larger items of luggage must be transported in suitcases/bags/rucksacks/wheel base cases and put through our luggage handling facilities. We do not carry loose items of any weight except for pushchairs/buggies used for the sole purpose of transporting young children.

For your comfort all luggage put through this system is ticketed. Passengers are responsible for getting their own luggage to and from the luggage carousels and they must be able to comfortably carry it themselves. Please note that luggage is limited to 2 suitcases per person and each suitcase/bag must not weigh more than 22kg.

The luggage will be processed through our luggage handling facilities at check-in and may be collected at the luggage carousel in the terminal building on arrival. All items of personal luggage should be well labelled. Please note that the luggage is stowed on the car deck so you will have no access to it during the voyage.

Day trip passengers - passengers without cars may take one small piece hand luggage only (handbag, laptop, baby changing bag).

Rosslare / Pembroke route and Rosslare / France routes
Passengers must be able to comfortably carry their own luggage and are responsible for getting it from the terminal building to the ship and vice versa. Access to and from the ship is either via a covered walkway or by special dedicated bus from the terminal building to the ship.

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