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Luggage-storing on board

Foot Passengers - Storing Luggage

Dublin and Holyhead routes
We have luggage handling facilities for foot passengers. In Dublin and Holyhead you simply put your bags on a carousel at the check-in stage and then you collect them in the terminal building when you arrive. The luggage is stowed on the car deck so you will have no access to it during the voyage. For your comfort and security, all luggage put through this system is ticketed.

Rosslare and Pembroke routes
Foot Passengers are brought from the terminal in Rosslare and Pembroke to the ship by bus. Your luggage must remain with you during this transfer. The bus travels with the ship so you may leave your luggage on the bus or bring it with you to the upper decks of the ship. Passengers who leave their luggage on the bus do so entirely at their own risk.

Ireland/France routes
In Rosslare foot passengers walk via a pedestrian link span from the terminal building to the ship and must bring their luggage with them. In Cherbourg and Roscoff foot passengers are brought from the terminal to the ship by bus and their luggage must remain with them during this transfer. On the Oscar Wilde there is a luggage storage facility which is situated beside the reserved seat lounges on deck 10. There are 3 different sizes of lockers which are programmed for 24 hour slots, The cost is €6, €8 and €10 depending on the size of the locker rented. If the locker is opened during the crossing it cannot be locked again unless full payment is made for another 24 hour slot.

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