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Mobile phones

Using mobile phones at sea

It is possible to make a mobile phone call or send a text message while at sea.

While close to land, your mobile phone will connect to your normal network, if a suitable terrestrial signal is available. While in open sea, mobile communication is possible by using satellite technology to relay calls and messages to land based networks, by international roaming. The availability of this service is dependent on your mobile network and tariff plan.

This satellite service is expensive to install and operate, and as a result the cost of making a call or texting while at sea, will be more expensive than normal international mobile tariffs.

Calls/texts made while at sea, are also liable to international roaming charges levied by your mobile operator. Charges may also apply to calls/texts received.

Neither Irish Ferries nor its satellite supplier sets the tariffs for use of this service. The final charge applied to your mobile account will be determined by your own mobile operator, and can vary. Billing is as usual through your own service provider.

Please contact your mobile network to confirm relevant international roaming tariffs prior to use.

This onboard mobile service is automatically available to European passengers. Passengers from the USA and Canada may have to contact their home operator to activate the service.

If you do not wish to incur charges for calls/texts over satellite, please do not use your mobile device while at sea.

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