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5 of the Most Beautiful Coastal Villages in Brittany

The region of Brittany, France boasts a rich, multicultural history and stunning natural beauty that make it a prime destination for couples and families alike. From medieval walled citadels to coastal beach towns, the entire region is filled with a variety of villages and municipalities that enjoy their own cultural flavour. When you’re in the area, make sure that you check out some of the most beautiful villages in Brittany

Ploumanac’h - the Diamond of the Pink Granite Coast

Nestled among the world-famous pink granite cliffs of the Brittany coast lies the village of Ploumanac’h, perfect for a family holiday. Ploumanac’h is a small, sleepy settlement located in a natural harbour and contains several interesting rock formations and natural inlets that are characteristic of this stretch of the coast. Relax on the sandy crescent beach or enjoy some delicious Breton-style mussels and chips. Families, bird-watchers, nature-lovers, and anyone looking for a bit of peace and quiet will find Ploumanac’h an absolute haven.


Saint Malo - Ancient Beauty

A walk through the cobbled streets of Saint Malo is a walk back in time. Jutting out into the sea, Saint Malo is home to medieval chateaus, cathedrals, city walls, and a variety of beaches that will suit sailing and swimming alike. The town once served as an important trading port during the seventeenth century and now the walled inner citadel (Intra Muros) attracts hundreds of thousands of travelers looking for a taste of ancient France each year. Saint Malo is just a short drive from the port, so you can take your car to France and enjoy an endless amount of restaurants and plenty of nightlife!

Roscoff - Charming and Quaint

Home to the famous Onion Johnnies, Roscoff is a charming Brittany village with medieval homes, shopfronts, restaurants, and bars right along the northern shoreline. Attractions include exotic gardens, beautiful churches, therapeutic seawater massages, and beaches for relaxation or adventure. A well-marked bilingual walking tour will take you past the house Alexandre Dumás stayed in as well as the beautiful Our Lady of Croaz Batz church. And when you’re done with that, stop in to one of Roscoff’s many creperies, pubs, or restaurants hugging the seaside!

Brest - a Mini Metropolis

The second largest administrative centre in Brittany, the town of Brest never fails to impress with its stunning architecture and natural beauty. The town is located among one of Brittany’s prettiest natural harbours and while it may not have the ancient charm of its neighbors, it celebrates a rich and forward-thinking culture that attract travelers year round. Visitors enjoy strolling along the bustling quayside and visiting the Océanopolis, the only ocean discovery centre of its kind in Europe. Every four years, Brest welcomes thousands of ships from across the world into its harbour to celebrate the Maritime Festival, so plan ahead!

Dinard - a Beachside Paradise

For those looking for something more familiar, the village of Dinard is one of the most popular destinations for Irish, British, and American tourists. Prior to the French Riviera’s tourist boom, Dinard was once the most popular beach destination in all of France and still retains the mood of summertime excitement with striped beach tents, cyclists populating promenades, and palm trees lining seaside paths. Many of the town’s signage and restaurants have English translations while much of the architecture remains in the style of classic Breton, allowing travelers to experience Brittany with ease.