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Fuel, Gas, Air & Oxygen cylinders and dangerous gases

Fuel and Gas and Air Cylinders allowances

Petrol & Diesel
Spare cans of fuel or diesel are not allowed in passenger vehicles.

Gas fuel (LPG & LNG), including cars powered by multi fuel hybrids
Vehicles propelled by LPG ( liquid petroleum gas) and LNG ( liquid natural gas either compressed or refrigerated) are allowed to travel. The cylinders should be in a closed position when the vehicle is on the ship and all cylinders should be properly secured to the vehicle .Only recognised manufactured models with standard specification or where evidence is provided that any modifications have been carried out by a competent certified mechanic  to standards approved by a recognised authority.

Gas Cylinders ( Butane and Propane) for private use only ( caravans/camping etc)
Each vehicle is allowed a maximum of 47kgs of gas (maximum 3  cylinders). The gas flow must be shut off at the cylinders when the vehicle is on the ship. The cylinders must be adequately secured against movement and stored away from sources of ignition and heat

Helium Gas Bottle, including balloonists equipment

  • Cruise ferries
    Helium Gas bottles are allowed on the cruise ferries only. If you intend to travel with a helium gas bottle please let us know before travel commences. For balloonists propane/helium cylinders are allowed but confined to a maximum of 3 cylinders the combined weight of which must not exceed 47kg.
  • Dublin Swift
    Helium is  not allowed on the Dublin Swift .

Medical Oxygen for personal use

  • Cruise Ferries
    Passengers travelling on any of our cruise ferries in a private vehicle may carry a maximum of 6 size "F" or smaller cylinders containing compressed Oxygen UN1072. Passengers must carry a letter from their doctor confirming that they require medical oxygen. The onus is on the passenger to ensure that their own medical oxygen cylinder is in good working order. Passengers must inform Irish Ferries at the time of booking and the use of oxygen on board is only permitted in non-smoking areas designated by the Master.
  • Dublin Swift
    Medical oxygen cylinders for personal use are not allowed on the Dublin Swift. We allow mobile Oxygen compressors.

Other Gases

There are a range of other gases, some of which may be acceptable when shipped in a freight vehicle. If you have any other type of gas, other than those listed above  please contact the Irish Ferries Freight Department, who will advise you if we can carry the gas.


  • Cruise Ferries

A maximum of 6 cylinders may be carried per vehicle, of size “F” or smaller, containing either UN1002 Air Compressed, UN1072 Oxygen, or UN3156 Compressed gas, Oxidising NOS (Oxygen, Nitrogen).

Cylinders must be declared at check-in, so that the ships officer can be notified. No other dangerous goods (e.g class 2.1 flammable gases, class 3 flammable liquids), may be carried in the same vehicle as the diving gases.

  • Dublin Swift

Diving gas cylinders are not allowed on the Dublin Swift

DIY and household effects.

We allow flammable paint and paint related material (maximum 10 litres combined). Disposable Gas receptacle (Maximum 1 litre), for blow torch or similar.

Fire Extinguishers.

Small fire extinguishers up to a maximum total weight of 5 kg per vehicle or caravan or trailer are allowed.


Fireworks are not allowed in Ireland unless you have a professional permit for a licensed display or event. Therefore Irish Ferries do not permit fireworks in private vehicles on any of our vessels.

Enquiries for the shipment of fireworks should be referred to the Irish Ferries freight department.

Lifejackets and flares.

Flares and lifejackets which are classified as dangerous goods must be within test date regulations. The maximum  allowed per vehicle is  6 lifejackets, 6 handheld flares, 4x parachute flares and 2 smoke floats for use in leisure craft only.

Items carried in personal luggage.

Personal grooming or hygiene products, e.g hairsprays, toiletries are all acceptable.

Foot Passengers.

With the exception of passengers with medical conditions, foot passengers and passengers who are in a coach party, can only carry personal grooming products in their luggage.

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