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Frequently asked questions

Health Card

If you become ill or injured while on holiday or temporary stay in another EU member state you can avail of public heath care.

To avail of this free public health care you need to have a European Health Insurance Card or EHIC (formerly the E111 form). Each individual member in a family needs their own personal card. There is no charge for this Health card as it is a free public service.

For detailed information see


Luggage Lost

All personal belongings found on our ships or in the ports are sent to our shore based lost property offices for collection. Passengers who have put their names or telephone numbers on any piece of personal property sent to our lost property offices will be contacted.

Property recovered on board is held for 3 months before being donated to charity. 
If you have lost or misplaced personal items while travelling please contact us:

Dublin/Holyhead Route - Call us in Ireland on 00 353 1 6075519 
Rosslare/Pembroke Route - Call us in Pembroke on 0044 8717 300 500 
Ireland/France Route - Call us in Ireland on 00 353 53 9133158

Luggage Storing Onboard

Dublin and Holyhead routes
We have luggage handling facilities for foot passengers. In Dublin and Holyhead you simply put your bags on a carousel at the check-in stage and then you collect them in the terminal building when you arrive. The luggage is stowed on the car deck so you will have no access to it during the voyage. For your comfort and security, all luggage put through this system is ticketed.

Rosslare and Pembroke routes
Foot Passengers are brought from the terminal in Rosslare and Pembroke to the ship by bus. Your luggage must remain with you during this transfer. The bus travels with the ship so you may leave your luggage on the bus or bring it with you to the upper decks of the ship. Passengers who leave their luggage on the bus do so entirely at their own risk.

Ireland/France routes
In Rosslare foot passengers walk via a pedestrian link span from the terminal building to the ship and must bring their luggage with them. In Cherbourg and Roscoff foot passengers are brought from the terminal to the ship by bus and their luggage must remain with them during this transfer. On the Oscar Wilde there is a luggage storage facility which is situated beside the reserved seat lounges on deck 10. There are 3 different sizes of lockers which are programmed for 24 hour slots, The cost is €6, €8 and €10 depending on the size of the locker rented. If the locker is opened during the crossing it cannot be locked again unless full payment is made for another 24 hour slot.

Mobile Phones

It is possible to make a mobile phone call or send a text message while at sea.

While close to land, your mobile phone will connect to your normal network, if a suitable terrestrial signal is available. While in open sea, mobile communication is possible by using satellite technology to relay calls and messages to land based networks, by international roaming. The availability of this service is dependent on your mobile network and tariff plan.

This satellite service is expensive to install and operate, and as a result the cost of making a call or texting while at sea, will be more expensive than normal international mobile tariffs.

Calls/texts made while at sea, are also liable to international roaming charges levied by your mobile operator. Charges may also apply to calls/texts received.

Neither Irish Ferries nor its satellite supplier sets the tariffs for use of this service. The final charge applied to your mobile account will be determined by your own mobile operator, and can vary. Billing is as usual through your own service provider.

Please contact your mobile network to confirm relevant international roaming tariffs prior to use.

This onboard mobile service is automatically available to European passengers. Passengers from the USA and Canada may have to contact their home operator to activate the service.

If you do not wish to incur charges for calls/texts over satellite, please do not use your mobile device while at sea.

Data connections while on the Marine Network are charged by your own mobile service provider. To ensure you are not charged please switch off your Data Roaming while onboard and connect via our free WiFi service.

Priority Loading

Priority Loading - Irish Sea Routes

Cruise ferry Mv Ulysses (Dublin /Holyhead route)
Motorists who book either club class or a cabin (before travel commences) will receive priority loading

Cruise ferry Mv Isle of Inishmore ( Rosslare/Pembroke route)
Motorists who book either club class or a cabin (before travel commences) will receive priority loading

Cruise ferry Mv Epsilon ( Dublin/Holyhead route)
Unfortunately due to the nature of vehicle loading on this ship we cannot offer priority loading when a cabin is pre-booked.

Fast craft HSC Dublin Swift  (Dublin /Holyhead route)
Motorists who book club class (before travel commences) will receive priority loading

Speedy Exit

"Speedy Exit" is available to a limited number of cars or motorbikes on our Ireland – France service only from just €10 each way for cars and from €5 each way for motorcycles.

If you book "speedy exit" your vehicle will be placed in a dedicated lane on either deck 3 or deck 4 and we guarantee that your vehicle will be one of the first 20 cars or motorbikes to disembark from the ship on arrival in port.

  • Early booking is advisable
  • You must be through the check-in point at least one hour before the scheduled departure time to avail of "Speedy Exit"
  • For vessel stability and stowage reasons "Speedy Exit" cars may be parked behind freight or other large vehicles
  • Due to operational restrictions "Speedy Exit" is not available to vehicles exceeding 2.25m in height (incl. roof luggage), not available to cars towing trailers / caravans, or indeed to vehicles requiring close access to passenger lifts

If you have already made a booking and would like to add Speedy Exit to this you can do so in: Manage your booking  

Sailing Disrupted

Every effort is made to maintain advertised schedules but sailing times can sometimes be disrupted due to technical, operational or weather related issues.

If your sailing is cancelled we will do everything possible to transfer you onto the next available Irish Ferries sailing. If you would prefer not to travel on the next available sailing please contact us and we will be happy to arrange an alternative date for you.

When making your booking please provide us with a contact number (ideally your mobile phone number) and we will endeavour to make contact with you in the event of any major disruption

Sailing Missed

If you miss your sailing we will do everything possible to transfer you to the next available Irish Ferries sailing. You will be charged an amendment fee plus any difference in fare. There is no refund due for unused tickets.