Manage your booking online

Booked with Irish Ferries? Then you can:

  • Change your travel dates or timesManage booking
  • Resend your booking confirmation
  • Update contact details & password
  • Add or remove passengers
  • Change your vehicle details

Bookings made on-line with Irish Ferries:

Once you have an online account, you can change your booking on-line by logging into Your Account. Bookings cannot be changed on-line once outward travel has commenced. If you have already checked-in or have completed one leg of your journey and now wish to amend the return leg please call us for assistance.




Bookings made via an Agent 
Bookings made via a travel agent, tour operator, or a web site other than cannot be changed online. You should contact your own agent.

Inclusive Packages Holidays
Changes can be made to holiday packages – subject to relevant terms & conditions. Please contact us for assistance.


Call us on 0818 300 400 (In Ireland)
Call us on 08717 300 400 (In Britain)