Travel Safe

Irish Ferries is offering you a safer way to get away, and we look forward to welcoming you onboard. We have introduced additional measures at ports and onboard our ships to ensure that both passengers and crew can ‘Travel Safe’. And we have added more flexibility options to new bookings too. Remember though to:

  • Stay home if you feel unwell
  • Wash your hands frequently. Use hand sanitisers where available
  • We continue to recommend wearing a face covering when moving around public areas (mandatory when in France waters)
  • Follow the guidelines set by your local health authority

Wearing of Face Masks / Face Covering

We continue to recommend wearing face coverings while in the public areas of our ships for the safety of all. In French waters, the wearing of face coverings is mandatory.

In Car Check-in

Drive on in the comfort and security of your own car with in-car check in. Stay in your own vehicle while waiting to board. Where passport checks are in operation, hold your documents up for review from inside your car, thus limiting contact with our staff.

Enjoy Fresh Air

Breath in and enjoy clean fresh sea air, when on any of the outer decks onboard. And all internal ventilation and air conditioning systems on board use 100% fresh air. No recirculated air here.

Sail in space

With the most modern fleet in Ireland, you will have plenty of room to roam around while onboard, including open air spacious outer decks. Enjoy ample space onboard, while with family and friends.

There is intensified disinfection of all common touchpoints in all areas and there is ample seating for all passengers, Please respect everyone’s space when using the lifts and public areas. 


Enjoy the privacy of your own cabin where available. Each cabin is cleaned thoroughly, and key touchpoints are sanitised. After every sailing, the room is fogged with a new device that sterilises and deals effectively with any virus or other air and surface contaminants that may be present. This device is used in “clean room technology” throughout the pharmaceutical sector as well as in some hospitals.

Services Onboard

Some onboard services have been amended to maximise the safety of both passengers and crew. Here is a guide to some of the differences you may experience:

  • As public entertainment options are reduced onboard, we have now added Movies on Demand to some cabin grades free of charge (Ireland – France only) so you and your family can enjoy the latest releases in private.
  • And we’ve removed all newspapers, single use paper menus and other unnecessary single use items.
  • We are constantly reviewing our service offering, to deliver the best facility within the current guidelines

Cleaning & Sanitisation

Our cleaning procedures are constantly being reviewed and improved to follow all published advice and guidance from the public health authorities in Ireland, Britain and France. The frequency of onboard cleaning routines has been intensified, with special attention being paid to common touchpoints in all public areas, and hand sanitiser dispensers are widely available too. Regular touchpoint cleaning will happen during your crossing and we have enhanced deep cleaning routines after each crossing and in cabins, after use.

Please wash your hands or use available sanitiser when boarding or moving around the ship. Regular usage will help protect everyone. We recommend using face coverings too in public areas (mandatory when in French waters).