Frequently asked questions

For how long will my Travel Voucher be valid?

Travel Vouchers are valid for travel for five calendar years from date of purchase. You may check your Travel Voucher validity date via Manage your Booking.

How many Travel Vouchers may I use per booking?

As many vouchers as you wish to part pay or pay for the full fare concerned. Please note though that refunds are not permitted on used portions of the voucher value.

Can I part use a Travel Voucher?

Any unused amount on a Travel Voucher will be available for use on a future booking. Unused portions of a voucher cannot be refunded though.

Can I exchange a full or part used Travel Voucher for cash?

No – Travel Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.

Can I transfer my Travel Voucher?

Travel Vouchers are not transferable. They can only be used on bookings made on the account of the recipient identified at time of purchase.

What if the value of my Travel Voucher is more than the price of my booking?

If there is any credit remaining on redemption of the voucher, it can be used towards future purchases until the credit balance reaches zero within the original validity period.

Can I book special offer or promotional fares and pay with my Tesco Clubcard tokens?

It may be possible to use your tokens to book a special offer or promotional fare – this will be confirmed in the terms and conditions of the relevant offer.

Can I use my Travel Voucher for any other Irish Ferries services?

Your Travel Voucher is not valid for payment or part payment for the following products; Freight bookings, 3rd party ancillaries or purchases made on board our ships.

Does my Travel Voucher booking qualify towards my Frequent Traveller Scheme spend?

Yes. Any booking paid for with a Travel Voucher, and eligible for our Frequent Traveller Scheme will be included in appropriate discount calculations.

Can I amend my Travel Voucher booking?

Yes. A booking paid for with a Travel Voucher can be amended prior to the date of travel, and subject to availability. Standard rules and charges for amending a booking will apply.

Can I use my Travel Voucher to purchase the Flexibility Option, Speedy Exit or any other on-board Extra?

Yes. You can if purchased in advance of travel. However Travel Vouchers cannot be used for purchases made on board our ships.

Can I use a different currency Travel Voucher towards my booking?

Yes. The voucher value will be converted based on our rates of exchange on the day of booking.

How do I make my booking using a Travel Voucher?

If you are an existing online customer, you will simply need to login to your account when making your booking, and use the Travel Voucher on payment. Please note that you will need your email address and password to access the Travel Voucher.

If you are a new customer, please click here to activate your account and view your Travel Voucher. After you have activated your Account, please follow the booking instructions for existing customers to make your booking

How do I buy a Travel Voucher?

Please click here to buy a travel voucher. Travel vouchers may be purchased in Euro or Sterling, for any amount between €20/£20 and €/£500.

Can I book on the Dover/Calais route with my Tesco Reward Partner Code?

It is possible to book on the Dover/Calais route with your Tesco Reward Partner code and these are accepted on our standard and flexi one way fares inclusive of upgrades to Club Class. These codes cannot be used on short stay fares. Please note that the maximum value of Reward Partner codes that can be used on this route is €170/£150 for a return journey or €85/£75 for a single journey.

Can I use my Travel Voucher on a package holiday?

Yes, your travel voucher can be used against our full range of package holiday products.