Dublin / Holyhead

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Enjoy the ease of travelling between Ireland and Britain on our Dublin/Holyhead route

  • Easy 30 minute check in
  • Up to 6 sailings daily
  • Cruise at your leisure across the Irish Sea
Vessel Departs Arrives
Cruise Ferry - Daily service 02.40 05.55
*Cruise Ferry - Daily service 08.15 11.45
Swift Fast Ferry 10.40 12.55
Cruise Ferry - Daily service 14.10 17.25
Swift Fast Ferry 16.45 19.00
*Cruise Ferry - Daily service 20.15 23.30

* Please note this is an economy class service and does not facilitate foot passengers


Vessel Departs Arrives
*Cruise Ferry - Daily service 02.00 05.25
Swift Fast Ferry  07.30  09.45
Cruise Ferry - Daily service 08.05 11.30
Swift Fast Ferry 13.50 16.05
*Cruise Ferry - Daily service 14.30 18.00
Cruise Ferry - Daily service 20.55 00.20

* Please note this is an economy class service and does not facilitate foot passengers


Ferry to Dublin & Holyhead

Taking the ferry to Ireland has never been easier. The Dublin-Holyhead route offers a direct connection between Ireland and the UK, allowing passengers to experience comfortable and quick travel across the Irish Sea.

Bring the car aboard and enjoy the freedom of travel between Ireland and Wales. Bring the whole family including your pets.

The Dublin-Holyhead ferry is one of Irish Ferries’ most popular routes, with up to 6 sailings each day. Ferry travel offers more flexibility in terms of luggage, timing, and comfort.

Our Ferries on the Dublin Holyhead Route

Irish Ferries currently have three ferries on the Dublin Holyhead route.

The Dublin Swift is the fastest ferry on the Irish Sea. Since its debut in the spring of 2018, the Dublin Swift has been offering fast ferry crossings to Ireland and to the UK.

If you’re looking to travel to Ireland or the UK in style, consider booking passage aboard the Ulysses. With two cinema screens, bars, shopping, and world-class dining, you’ll almost be sorry that the voyage is only 3 and a half hours long!

The Epsilon offers the cheapest ferry to Ireland and the UK in the whole fleet, but that doesn’t mean we compromise on comfort. You’ll still be treated to free WiFi, food and drinks, and onboard shopping to make your crossing fly by.

Ships on this route

  • Dublin Swift
  • Ulysses
  • Epsilon

The only Fast Ferry on the Irish Sea  

Cross the Irish Sea in just 2 hours on the “Dublin Swift”, the only Fast Ferry on the route. There is plenty onboard to keep you and your family entertained. See what our Club Class lounge has to offer. 

What's onboard

  • Trinity Club Class lounge 
  • Onboard shopping
  • Boylans Brasserie
  • Cafe Lafayette
  • Java Republic served onboard 
  • TV lounge
  • Free Wifi 

Cruise in style across the Irish Sea 

Bigger doesn’t always mean better but with the “Ulysses”, it does. With plenty to do onboard, including 2 cinema screens, bars, shops and lots of dining options, you’re sure to have a good trip. See what our Club Class lounge has to offer, where you can relax, dine and enjoy a panoramic sea view, or book a cabin for your trip.



What's onboard

  • Welcome reception
  • 2 screen cinema 
  • Play area for little ones 
  • Club Class lounge 
  • Onboard shopping
  • Boylans Brasserie
  • Blooms Bar
  • Java Republic served onboard 
  • Free Wifi 
  • Outdoor deck space 

Our economy class service

The “Epsilon” offers an economy class service on both our Holyhead and Dublin Port to Cherbourg routes. Featuring free Wifi, bar and lounge, restaurant and comfortable en-suite cabins. 

What's Onboard

  • Welcome reception area 
  • Onboard shopping
  • Boylans Brasserie
  • Cafe / Bar 
  • Java Repub served onboard 
  • TV lounge
  • Free Wifi 
  • En-suite air conditioned cabins