British Travel Agent Staff Concession Travel

As a reward for routing business on our services and as an incentive to increase this business, Irish Ferries is delighted to offer Irish Travel Agents concessions for travel on our Ireland – Britain and Ireland – France services.
Our Travel Agency Staff concession scheme is designed to encourage agency staff members to support Irish Ferries and to reward agency staff by way of increased levels of concessionary travel depending on the value of business your agency does with Irish Ferries.


The More Business You Give Us, The Better Concession We Give You!


Travel Agencies have been divided into four categories depending on the revenue the agency achieved with Irish Ferries in the previous calendar year.


You will have noted when inputting your Agent reference and Password that your category is shown after your agency name. Then simply refer to the applicable category/route/time of year to see the maximum discount you can expect to gain subject to availability. You will note that the best selling agencies receive the best concessions. So if your Agency is not in the platinum section here’s another reason to switch those bookings to Irish Ferries.

Booking Procedure for Retail Travel Agency Staff Requesting Concession Travel

Concession bookings are only accepted when made on under your Travel Agency account. Concession bookings will not be accepted by phone fax or any other means.

  • The agent staff member makes booking on using their Travel Agency account. An automatic booking confirmation is then issued with the normal brochure price.
  • Having completed the booking on your account the agency staff member then e-mails the booking reference to together with your travel agent's address and Irish Ferries account number.
  • Irish Ferries apply the applicable discount depending on your Agency category, route/time of year and confirm the booking.
  • Irish Ferries then emails the agent by return with an electronic ticket, which shows the concession amount due, for you to print off for travel on the dates you booked
  • Agency staff member pays for the cost of the ticket via your Travel Agent's monthly statement


Please note

  • Your Travel Agency receives 5% commission on any payments.
  • Concession bookings are only accepted when made on on your Travel Agency account. Bookings are not accepted by phone, fax or by any other means.
  • Normal Cancellation and amendment fees may apply
  • All concessions are subject to availability and the maximum discount may not be available on peak sailings
  • Concessions are granted off the ticket total and include the agency staff member, vehicle and accompanying passengers
  • Concessions do not apply to Inclusive Holidays, or any fuel surcharges.
  • Concessions are not available with any other discount or concession
  • It is a condition of all concessions that the agency staff member must travel on each leg of the booking.
  • Any abuse of concession facilities will result in the total withdrawal of concession facilities for the agency