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How do I get from Dublin Ferryport to Dublin city centre?


Public bus service to and from Dublin Ferryport Terminal

A regular public bus service also operates between the city center and Dublin Ferryport. The number 53 terminus is on Talbot street. Standard bus fares apply to this service and free travel passes may be used. Please click here for timetable.

Connections between Busarus and Heuston Station, where not shown, are possible by Luas light rail or local bus routes. These services are not included and are payable separately. Please note all bus times are subject to change. For any queries regarding this schedule, please call Dublin Ferryport at 01- 607 5519 - Buses within Dublin city and county - Country wide train services - Country wide bus services

How do I amend my SailRail booking?

You can amend your ticket by contacting directly. Please click here to view their contact details.

Can I travel in First Class with a SailRail ticket?

Unfortunately not – if you would like to book a first class train ticket, then you will need to book your ferry trip and rail journey separately. SailRail tickets cannot be upgraded to travel in First Class.

Can I book Club Class or cabins for my trip?

It is possible to book Club Class and cabins for your journey, however this would need to be done directly with us and cannot be booked through your local rail station. To make a booking, please email and advise your travel date, sailing time and the grade of accommodation that you require.

How much luggage can I bring with me?

You can bring as much hand luggage as you can comfortably carry, but it must be packed in a suitcase or bag. No boxes or loose items are acceptable as hand luggage. One small piece of hand luggage will be permitted to be carried with you – the rest will be checked through our luggage handling facility. Please note that each item of checked in luggage must not weigh more than 22kg and you will not be able to access these items during the crossing.

Can I take my pet on the train?

The rules for taking pets on board a train, differ for each Train Operating Company (TOC), so it's best to check before booking your trip.

Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann)

Avanti West Coast 

Transport for Wales


Check here for tips to travelling with your pet onboard with Irish Ferries.

What about taking pets on the ferry?

Rail/Sail to Ireland

Pets (small dog, cat or ferret) are permitted to travel with foot passengers, but they must be transported to and from the ferry in a secure, rigid and appropriate pet cage or box (please bring your own). The pet must be able to stand or lie down in the cage or box in comfort and the owner of the pet must be able to carry the cage or box from the terminal to the ship. All pets must travel on the car deck (in the kennel area) in their cages or boxes. Please note that if you turn up at the port without an appropriate pet cage or box you will not be allowed to bring your pet on board. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Brexit: Travelling after Brexit

Check the relevant authority’s websites for full details of the requirements:



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