Center Parcs Ireland Exclusive Irish Ferries offer

Terms & Conditions of booking


This discounted fare offer is exclusively available to British residents (not including Northern Ireland) booking a return motorist journey to Ireland, with a confirmed booking at Center Parcs Longford Forest, during the travel dates concerned.

  • Irish Ferries reserves the right to request proof of confirmed booking at Center Parcs Longford Forest, for dates associated with the booked ferry itinerary. No valid Center Parcs confirmation, no Irish Ferries discount. Irish Ferries will confirm the validity of the booking with Center Parcs Longford Forest.
  • The discount applies to motorist bookings made for travel from Britain to Ireland with a family car.
  • This fare is NOT eligible for payment with Tesco Tokens. If paying with Tesco Tokens, please return to the homepage and indicate that you are using Tesco tokens.

Administration Fee:

  • Web - Prices quoted for this itinerary include an administration fee of £5 / €6.
  • Non-Web - Prices quoted for a booking made by telephone or in person at our port offices will include an administration fee of £15 /€21.

Amendment Rules:

  • We are very happy to allow changes to bookings. Costs apply to some changes.
  • An amendment fee of £20 / €25 per amendment plus any increase in fare apply to any changes to route, date or time. All changes must be made before the existing travel dates on the booking have expired. Amendment fees will be charged on each occasion that the journey on the booking is amended.
  • There is no amendment fee but there may be an increase in fare for changes to the number of passengers travelling on each journey, vehicle type, updating or adding a trailer, caravan or cabin or by adding Club Class.

Tip: You can avoid amendment fees adding ‘Flexibility Options’ to your booking in ‘Step 3 – Upgrade’.

Cancellation Rules:

  • Cancellations up to 42 days before travel - loss of 25% of total fare with a 75% refund.
  • Cancellations between 41 to 21 days before travel - loss of 50% of total fare with a 50% refund.
  • Cancellations within 20 days of travel - 100% cancellation charge with no refund. Cancellation rules apply to any outstanding balances. If travel dates are amended and the booking is then subsequently cancelled, the cancellation fee is based on the original date of outward travel. Lower cancellation fees apply where you add ‘Flexibility Option’ to your booking in ‘Step 3 – Upgrade.


  • No refunds will be given on any unused portion of your ticket.
  • Where bookings are amended and the total price of the new fare is lower than the original fare no refunds will be given. No refunds will be given on any booking after travel has commenced.
  • No refunds will be given if due to weather conditions you are moved from the Dublin Swift to a cruise ferry sailing serviced by the Ulysses, the Epsilon or the Isle of Inishmore. An electronic travel voucher for £40/€40 will be put onto your Irish Ferries customer account. This voucher may be used as part payment against a future booking with Irish Ferries.


  • Duration of Stay - No Limit.
  • Payment Details - Full payment when booking.
  • Availability - Subject to availability at time of booking.
  • Standard conditions of travel apply.