SOCIAL MEDIA - Guidelines for Participation

Welcome to the home of Irish Ferries on social media.
This is a place where you can talk about your travel plans, tell us your holiday stories and share your experiences with others. And we can update you on all the good stuff happening at Irish Ferries, both onboard and ashore.

Can I join in?
Whether you’ve sailed with us before or have yet to discover the joys of travelling by ferry, and Irish Ferries in particular, you’re very welcome. We’d love you to join in the conversation.

How can I be part of this conversation?
Irish Ferries has an obligation to ensure that this community is a safe and enjoyable forum for all, and that it serves a positive purpose. So, to keep this page fun and engaging, we’ve put together just a few simple guidelines that we ask everyone to follow. Indeed, by joining in on our pages or timeline, we’re assuming you’re in agreement with the following:

  • Most importantly, please RESPECT others. Make sure your comments are always appropriate and considerate in tone and language. We won’t allow the few to interrupt the enjoyment of the many.
  • If you’d like to comment, do it in a relevant way and don’t disrupt the conversation.
  • This is not a complaints channel. If you wish to discuss an issue with our teams, please call us, approach us at ports or onboard or write an email, giving us as many details as possible. It’s really the only fair way to ensure that we can give you a meaningful response. And lets be reasonable, we’re probably more likely to respond if we can verify that you are an actual customer. Anonymous profiles don’t carry much weight I’m afraid.

We can’t allow any posts that are from fake accounts, or that contain:

  • Obscenities or insults
  • Any discriminatory content, such as text, images, videos or audio
  • Information that is illegal, immoral or that violates, threatens or slanders other people or indeed infringes on their privacy (please don’t post any personal details like names, emails or telephone numbers here)
  • Information that infringes on copyright or anything that is confidential. Images that are posted here may be protected under copyright so please respect the rights of copyright holders and ask permission before replicating images. If you do post an image, please credit the source.
  • Computer viruses, malicious codes or spam

This is a forum for discussion, not advertising so please don’t try to sell products here or promote our competitors!

But what if I don’t respect these user guidelines?
If we feel that these guidelines are being infringed and conversations are being disrupted, we will step in and contact the person posting inappropriate comments to prevent it happening again. As a last resort, we may also remove posts that we feel don’t follow to our guidelines. That may involve muting the conversation or even as a last resort, banning the contributor. That’s not something we want to do, so we ask you to make sure that your comments add something to the conversation. If everyone sticks to these guidelines, we can all look forward to lots of engaging conversations, and great travel stories.

We’re happy to answer straightforward questions as best we can, during business hours. We’re not here all day every day (some of us have lives outside of Irish Ferries – believe it or not) so please bear this in mind. There actually might be a better and easier way to get an answer to your query.

So, from everyone at Irish Ferries, welcome to our social media. Enjoy. Travel. Together.