Terms & Conditions

Frequent Traveller Terms & Conditions

  1. To qualify for the programme, individuals or businesses must first make a booking on www.irishferries.com and then apply to join by completing the necessary registration process. Irish Ferries reserves the right to review and accept or reject any application without explanation. Please note nominated drivers must be individuals (not companies or departments). Membership of the scheme is not open to travel agents, tour operators or their agents.

  2. All booking amendments will be subject to an amendment fee, however this fee counts as expenditure and will be valid for consideration in any future discount.

  3. Members of any other Irish Ferries discount scheme are not eligible for membership of the Frequent Traveller programme. Discounts obtained from the Frequent Traveller programme cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount scheme or offers.

  4. To qualify for the 20% discount rebate, frequent travellers or their nominees must make at least 3 or more return motorist trips with qualifying vehicles(see below) on Irish Ferries Dublin - Holyhead and Rosslare-Pembroke routes in a 12 month period following registration. Only expenditure for travel by the Frequent Traveller and their nominated drivers after registration is eligible for rebate. Finally, qualifying bookings must be made by the registered Frequent Traveller on their account at www.irishferries.com

  5. After completion of at least 3 return motorist trips within a 12 month period following registration, Irish Ferries will credit the Frequent Traveller with 20% of their total expenditure excluding expenditure on accommodation, insurance and with third parties. Credit will be an electronic financial discount to use against future Irish Ferries motorist bookings on our Dublin/Holyhead and Rosslare/Pembroke routes only. No cash alternative. Please note 20% is the maximum rebate available in a 12 month period. Following receipt of a rebate from Irish Ferries, the Frequent Traveller is required to make at least a further 3 return motorist trips in the subsequent 12 months to be eligible for a further rebate.

  6. Irish Ferries reserves the right to amend conditions, rebate amounts or withdraw the membership or operation of the Frequent Traveller programme at any time. Irish Ferries also reserve the right to withdraw any individual's membership of the programme at any time and without explanation.

  7. Irish Ferries reserve the right to carry out checks to ensure that there is no misuse of the Frequent Traveller programme. Nominated drivers must provide proof of identity at check-in and when requested by Irish Ferries staff.

  8. Qualifying Vehicles: Irish Ferries Frequent Traveller programme applies to cars, campervans,motorbikes and vans up to 6m long and 2.6m high. Vans exceeding these dimensions are carried at freight rates and do not qualify for this programme.

  9. Booking and Travel is subject to usual Irish Ferries Terms & Conditions of Business.

  10. Group bookings (including large car group movements) do not qualify for the programme.

  11. Please note expenditure on Irish Ferries Ireland-France routes, Landbridge and inclusive holidays is excluded. Bookings paid for in full or in part with Tesco vouchers are also excluded.

  12. Please note that bookings made in conjunction with special concessionary fares are excluded.

  13. Enquiries regarding Irish Ferries Frequent Traveller Scheme should be emailed to frequent@irishferries.com