The 10 Best Things to do as a COUPLE in Normandy 

Planning for your summer holiday? In need of a romantic getaway with your sweetheart? A trip to Normandy may be in order. 

1. Cheese and Cider Tour

Normandy is famous for its cheeses and cider, and there are plenty of trails and self-guided tours that take you to cider farms, calvados distilleries and cheese shops. Most routes are well-marked with sign posts, making it easy and fun to navigate. Try some legendary Camembert cheese and the famous apple brandy, calvados–you’ll never experience anything like that anywhere else!

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2. Impressionism Tour

Art-lovers know well that Normandy is the birthplace of the Impressionist movement. Wander down the River Seine from its estuary at Honfleur, a picturesque port with galleries and restaurants galore, to Rouen with its amazing cathedral, cafés and fine art museum. And no pilgrimage would be complete without a trip to Giverny with the riot of colour both inside and out at Monet’s home and gardens. 

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3. Horse lovers’ paradise

Home of the horse, Normandy is world famous for its national stud at the Haras du Pin, the Versailles of horses, which has regular equestrian displays every Thursday in season. How about a day at the races in the glamourous seaside resort of Deauville or trekking to the Mont-Saint-Michel ?

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4. Kayaking

Outdoorsy couples can find adventure kayaking through one of Normandy’s many waterways. As a coastal region, there are dozens of bays, inlets, rivers, and streams that suit all levels of kayakers. Whether you’re looking to take kayaking lessons or rent some equipment, there are seemingly endless opportunities for couples to take a kayaking holiday.

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5. Scenic Drive

There’s no argument that the best way to see the most of Normandy is by a scenic drive through the region. Coastal and country routes offer some of the best views in France and can take you through villages and towns that offer their own unique tastes. Spend anywhere from half of a day to a week exploring Normandy by car–you’re sure to discover new places that you never imagined you’d go!

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6. Cycling

With more than 500 kilometres (310 miles) of designated cycling paths, cyclists consistently flock to Normandy for both easy and challenging routes. Amateur cyclists enjoy scenic paths along the seaside and promenades while advanced enthusiasts can find routes stretching from Normandy to Brittany with so much to see in between.

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7. Local Cuisine 

Of course, one of the favourite and most popular couples’ attractions in Normandy is food. Known for its idyllic orchards, cheese shops, and abundance of seafood, Normandy cuisine is largely centred around shellfish, dairy products and apples. If you prefer sweet to savoury, however, there are creperies and bakeries in abundance as well. And why not stock up with local goodies at the many colourful markets? Bon appétit !

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8. Boat Tour

What better way to travel through Normandy than by boat? You and your partner will delight in a Seine river cruise, where you can travel all the way to Paris if you’re feeling adventurous. Most boat tour guides are familiar with the local history and culture of the region, so you’ll have the opportunity to learn about and discover places you never imagined existed. Shorter boat tours along the coastline can take you by the stunning cliffs and bays, and maybe even boat through the arches de Étretat!

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9. War Memorials/ D-Day Landings

Now, Normandy might be best known for its historical importance in World War II with the D-Day Landings and Battle of Normandy. To memorialise and commemorate the efforts of those who fought, the entire region is full of museums and exhibits memorials dedicated to this episode of World War 11. Check out the Mémorial de Caen for the full picture, Arromanches with the remains of Mulberry Harbour or the Airborne Museum in Sainte-Mère-Eglise to get the feel of this moment of history.

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10. Cooking Class

Try something new during your romantic holiday to France! A cooking class is a great way to take home a new skill. There are plenty of schools and lessons that you and your partner can sign up for to hone your culinary chops and learn some of the techniques native to Norman cooking. And the lovely Sinead at the Wilde Kitchen is our number one choice. She takes you to the local market to source the perfect ingredients and then you go back to her kitchen to cook what you bought – just 30 minutes drive from Cherbourg!

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